Emergency contact

Emergency contact

In case you need to contact a participant urgently, you can send us a message

First try to call or SMS +977 98 600 796 85 or +977 980 383 0880. The phones maybe switched off at times to conserve battery or in no signal areas.

Then send an SMS to our sat phone via the Thuraya website. Here’s how:

How to send a text message to a Thuraya phone? Your cell phone service may allow you to send text messages (SMS) to a Thuraya satellite phone. Just follow the usual steps of creating a text message. The recipient’s Thuraya phone number should be entered as +88216-87729088. Can be expensive.

How to send a FREE text message to a Thuraya phone? You can send a free SMS text message to a Thuraya phone using the following methods: Visit the Thuraya Send SMS webpage https://sms.thuraya.com/ and enter 87729088 in as the number.

Note we may take some time to reply but will at least check for messages every 12 hours.

Finally email nabin@expeditionhimalaya.com with a clear summary of who you are trying to contact plus your own contact deals.



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