What race competitors have said:

Sylvain Labattu Mustang Trail Race

“The race was recommended to me by a friend who praised the whole experience: the organisation, the culture on display and the scenery. I signed up expecting "good" and a bit of repetitive landscapes... well it turned out to be "exceptional" and the memory is within grasp whenever I close my eyes: the mountains, the trails and crazy topography only Dali could have imagined. All yours if you have 2 weeks!”

Sylvain Labattu
Singapore (Winner 2017)
Bryon Powell Mustang Trail Race

“If you love the desert, then Mustang is for you. The same holds true if you’re a lover of majestic mountains. I love both enough that I choose to live on the flanks of the La Sal Mountains outside Moab, Utah. Well, Mustang is that to a higher power…”

Bryon Powell
Tyler Wasson Mustang Trail Race

“I spent one year living in Nepal and in that time I had a lot of experiences but none were better than running the Mustang Trail Race. Mustang is a magical and mystical place, and one that not many people get to go visit. Richard and Trail Running Nepal know how to provide a one-in-a-lifetime experience appropriate for visiting this unique land. They were able to make it simultaneously a race and a cultural experience/tour. I recommend the Mustang Trail Race to anyone who loves running, loves adventure, and loves learning and experiencing different cultures and ways of life. There is no place like Mustang, it must be experienced in person and there is no better way to see it then with the group from the Mustang Trail Race.”

Tyler Wasson
Kathryn Sall Mustang Trail Race

“This race is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will experience adventure in an ecosystem unlike anywhere else on the planet — through high red desert, dramatic canyons, villages of twelve households, with Annapurna and Dhaulagiri looming in the background. You will be challenged by the running and the altitude and nurtured by the views and the wonderful people with whom you’re experiencing these timeless communities. An absolute must do.”

Kathryn Sall
USA (2013)
Menai Baugh  Mustang Trail Race

“Still can’t believe I completed the Mustang Trail Race! I had never run a stage race before but the excellent pink way-finding ribbons ensured that I found the route every day. I ran through amazing, varied, incredible landscapes enjoying a culture that I would never have seen had it not been for this race. It was the most wonderful experience.”

Menai Baugh
United Kingdom
Matt Moroz Mustang Trail Race

“The Mustang Trail Race has left an indelible mark on me. Everything good about trail running, cultural exploration, adventure, challenging oneself, and the camaraderie that comes from multi-day races, was present in huge quantities.”

Matt Moroz
Hong Kong (2014)
Alex Copley Mustang Trail Race

“The Mustang Trail Race is an incredible way to see, and race through, a spectacular landscape of snow-capped mountains rising from a high-altitude desert. The race is a perfect mixture of exhilarating running and fascinating culture, and is organised in such a way that you can experience both to their full effect. Go and see Mustang whilst it still has its isolation - it's an experience I'll never forget. ”

Alex Copley
Gimmi Campo Mustang Trail Race

“A fantastic, special and unforgettable experience. A mix of sport (trail running), culture, travel, all shared with people of different nationalities, age and habits. All this together makes the Mustang Trail Race.”

Gimmi Campo
Justine Christie (2018) Mustang Trail Race

“Thanks for a great event! One of the best things I've ever done.”

Justine Christie (2018)



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