Travel days

Travel days

Arrival Kathmandu

Arrival in Kathmandu (1340m) and transfer to hotel. This first day has no plan other than to gather all of the competitors in one place.

Depending on your arrival time, there is plenty to do. Kathmandu, between its crowded streets, has seven world heritage sites, pretty good sunny terraces from which to enjoy a banana lassi, and endless differences to reflect on or simply be amazed by.

Fly Kathmandu > Pokhara

Fly Pokhara > Jomsom then warm-up hike to Kagbeni

The flight to Mustang is a memorable journey in itself. From Pokhara you are within minutes flying over small villages dotted over the hillside with a backdrop of the world’s most enormous mountains. The plane flies at about half the height of those mountains. Make sure you get in the plane first to get a good window seat, Dhaulagiri to the left, Annapurna to the right.

Occasionally flights can be cancelled for safety if wind or visibility at either airport is compromised. In this case we’ll not wait and instead we’ll take a jeep to Jomsom. In good conditions with lunch breaks and tea-stops the journey takes nine hours – it is long, but the scenery is glorious.

View form the warm-up acclimatisation hike.

Flight Jomsom to Pokhara to Kathmandu

Flight from Jomsom > Pokhara. Staying in Pokhara or fly on to Kathmandu. Night in hotel.

International departure from Kathmandu

This is on the Friday after the race group returns to Kathmandu. It is possible to travel on the Thursday evening if necessary, but there is a risk that if the internal flights are delayed or cancelled, then you may miss this flight. Friday am is the earliest recommended departure time. 



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