Stage 7

Tanggye to Chuksang- 23.9 km +1168m -1523m

Tanggye to Chuksang

Stage 7: A long day beginning with crossing of Tanggye Khola and then long steady climb to Paha and then follows a fantastic trail along an exposed ridge top. On this day some of the oddly eroded mountainsides look straight out of Gaudí’s imagination. Worth taking time to peer over the south-east edge of the ridge’s latter sections.

Dhaulagiri (‘white mountain’) and Nilgiri (‘blue mountain’) dominate the horizon as seen below.

mustang-trail-race-kathryn sall danda

At the end of long ridge-top running, there is a dramatic 800m drop toward the oases of Chuksang and Tetang.

Descent towards Chuksang

Descent towards Chuksang

mustang trail race 2014 kathryn sall at Mustang Trail Race
Caves above the village of Tangbe

Stage data

A classic high-altitude ridge trail.... running towards Himalayan 8000ers

Metric Imperial
Distance 23.9 km 14.9 mi
Elevation gain/loss ↑ 1168m ↓ 1523m ↑ 3,832ft ↓ 4,997ft
Highpoint 4208m 13,806ft
Biggest climb  821m 2,694ft
Start Finish elevation  3240m→2900m 10,630ft→9,514ft

Elevation Profile

Mustang trail race profile chart

Stage Profile! The first part of the race is on newly made jeep tracks - less wonderful, but fast and steady after the first short climb. We leave the track for a while after the checkpoint, climbing on some shepard's trails, before dropping down past Tangbe (photographed).



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