Stage 5

Lo Manthang to Yara- 16 km +650m -835m

Lo Manthang to Yara

Stage 5: Leaving Lo Manthang, the trail steadily climbs two small passes before plunging through a spectacular canyon to Dhi village.

Leaving Dhi, we continue along the river bed to the finish in Yara. The cliffs opposite Yara are famous for good reason.

In the afternoon, a short hike to a cave is an option. Tashi Kabum, a not easily accessible cave housing a beautiful stupa and some paintings in Pala idiom. Possibility of fossil hunting in the riverbed below the cave.

lizzy hawker in tashi kabum cave

Overnight in small tea-house.

Trail Lo Manthang to Yara at Mustang Trail Race
The Asian Grand Canyon

Stage data

The descent of the race - fast, endlessly winding, soft and sandy...

Metric Imperial
Distance 16 km 9.9 mi
Elevation gain/loss ↑ 650m ↓ 835m ↑ 2,133ft ↓ 2,740ft
Highpoint 4077m 13,376ft
Biggest climb  228m 748ft
Start Finish elevation  3820m→3608m 12,533ft→11,837ft

Elevation Profile

Profile chart for Mustang Trail Race stage 5

Stage Profile! A fast course with a slow, hot finish. The fit will find a lot to run, then enjoy an awesome descent which fills shoes with sand. After crossing a river, then a steady riverbed climb to the finish.



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