Stage 1

Kagbeni to Tsaile- 15 km +538m -316m

Kagbeni to Tsaile

Race > Kagbeni (2810m) – Tangbe (3060m) – Tetang (3040m) – Chuksang (2980m) – Chele (3070m).

Kagbeni is a typical stone built Mustangi village with a maze of passageways and a fort at its heart. This is the entry point to the restricted area of Upper Mustang, the former Kingdom of Lo.

The trail begins on jeep tracks before reaching the first mud-built village of Tangbe. The trails climb slowly from Tangbe to a small plateau before dropping into a valley toward Tetang, a stunning village with an ancient salt mine.

Lizzy Hawker Mustang Nepal Trail running

Lizzy Hawker in the barely fields of Mustang near Chuksang

From Tetang, the trail is almost level along the Kali Gandaki River, bounded on the west side by cliffs marked with meditation caves. There is a short sharp climb to the finish in the small and dramatically positioned Chele (also known as Tsaile).

Mustangi women of Tsaile

From the “Before they pass away” project. Click and visit – it’s great.

We overnight in the two small tea-houses in this village.

Mustang-race-day01_2_Nepalese-front-runner-Upendra-Sunuwar-trailed-by-Lizzy-Hawker-2 at Mustang Trail Race
Nilgiri - "Blue Mountain", ever present

Stage data

Metric Imperial
Distance 15 km 9.3 mi
Elevation gain/loss ↑ 538m ↓ 316m ↑ 1,765ft ↓ 1,037ft
Highpoint 3345m 10,974ft
Biggest climb  345m 1,132ft
Start Finish elevation  2844m→3070m 9,331ft→10,072ft

Elevation Profile

Mustang stage altitude profile

Stage Profile! The initial part of the course follows a recently made jeep track, so is fast. The second half after the checkpoint has a short climb on shephard's trails.

Stage 2



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