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Stage 2: Tsaile to Ghemi | 27.5km

Stage summary

Stage 2
Distance 27.5 km (17.1 mi)
Elevation gain/loss ↑ 2202m ↓ 1694m (↑ 7,224ft ↓ 5,558ft)
Highpoint 3985m (13,074ft)
Biggest climb 540m (1,772ft)
Start Finish elevation 3070m→3500m (10,072ft→11,483ft)
Tsaile Chele Buddha Mountain

Race: Chele (3070m) → Samar (3600m) → Chungsi Monastery Cave (3400m)  → Nyi La (4010m) → Ghemi (3500m).

Samar, Mustang

Looking towards the days route (middle of photo) from the other side of the valley.

From Tsaile, the trail climbs steeply alongside a river gorge to a small farming village of Samar.

mustang trail nepal-tsaile

The breathless gorge-side climb out of Tsaile

After climbing to a low pass with a stunning view of the canyon landscape, we will be taking the Pilgrims’ Route to an amazing natural cave which houses a small monastery.

The descent is an excellent run.

mustang trail nepal chungsi cave route

Chungsi cave descent

Here, take the silk scarf you have been given and ask the caretaker to help you throw it to stick on the ceiling. Not easy!

Chungsi cave temple mustang nepal

Chungsi cave temple

Leave the cave, and retrace your steps for 500m. The trail climbs then north out of the gorge and slowly uphill to Syangboche, Tamagaon and the Nyi La (pass) before a fast and fun descent to a finish in the pretty village of Ghemi.

Here we overnight in traditional tea-houses. Ghemi is surreal in the evening light – take a walk to the football ground at the back of the village – the surroundings are amazing.

Ghemi Mustang, Nepal. Mani wall, Japanese agriculture project/

Ghemi, and the longest mani wall in Mustang.


Stage 2 - Tsaile - Ghami - 27km

Stage by Stage

Day 4, Tue, Apr 18th
Stage 1: Kagbeni to Tsaile
15 km
17.1 m
↑538m ↓316m
↑1,765ft ↓1,037ft
Day 5, Wed, Apr 19th
Stage 2: Tsaile to Ghemi
27.5 km
17.1 m
↑2202m ↓1694m
↑7,224ft ↓5,558ft
Day 6, Thu, Apr 20th
Stage 3: Ghemi to Lo Manthang
21 km
17.1 m
↑1097m ↓849m
↑3,599ft ↓2,785ft
Day 7, Fri, Apr 21st
 Lo Manthang – rest & acclimatisation

17.1 m
↑0m ↓0m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 8, Sat, Apr 22nd
Stage 4: Lo Manthang to Konchok Ling
29.1 km
17.1 m
↑1063m ↓1063m
↑3,488ft ↓3,488ft
Day 9, Sun, Apr 23rd
Stage 5: Lo Manthang to Yara
16 km
17.1 m
↑650m ↓835m
↑2,133ft ↓2,740ft
Day 10, Mon, Apr 24th
Stage 6: Yara to Tanggye
18.3 km
17.1 m
↑782m ↓-1312m
↑2,566ft ↓-4,304ft
Day 11, Tue, Apr 25th
Stage 7: Tanggye to Chuksang
23.9 km
17.1 m
↑1168m ↓1523m
↑3,832ft ↓4,997ft
Day 12, Wed, Apr 26th
Stage 8: Chuksang to Jomsom via Muktinath
15.1 km
17.1 m
↑1184m ↓484m
↑3,885ft ↓1,588ft
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