Accommodation on the Mustang Trail Race

Posted: 01/13/15 2:46 AM

If you’ve never been to Nepal before, here’s a bit of an explanation about the living and sleeping arrangements.

Generally speaking, it’s a little bit off the grid, and nothing is measured in stars apart, cliche coming, except the views and experience.


After entering Upper Mustang, generally, we room in twos and threes. Rooms will be pretty small, seldom have an attached bathroom, and we give preference to women generally here when available.

Beds are usually simple hand-made planks on legs affairs with a foam mattress and sheet on top.  Will you sleep well? Yes you will.

Blankets are always available as are pillows of various hardness. Cold is not a problem at night sleeping indoors, the air is dry. Temperature data is here. A 3-season sleeping bag should be fine.

The linen should be washed, though you may decide to bring a pillowcase with you and/or a single bedsheet, though I don’t.

You can bring earplugs too in case somebody snores in the next room. It can happen.


Normally we cram into a dining area to eat. This keeps us warm and social. Dinner will normally be around 6:30 to 7:30pm depending on the following day’s activity.


Washing yourself

It is possible to get a bucket of hot water. Please be sensitive to whether the location has gas or not. Mustang is wood starved, so heating water should be thought about twice. In this case, a flannel / cloth for a kind of bed bath with a reduced amount of warm water can be better for this fragile environment.

There is usually a shower available in the places we sleep, but usually the water is cold or cool of solar heated. There is always too a local tap, great for washing feet and legs directly after the run.

Some people bring ‘wet wipes‘ or baby wipes.

Washing clothes

This is possible at the local tap, especially on the rest day when you have plenty of time to dry the clothes. A bucket and soap powder can be made available.

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