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Mustang Trail Race

Welcome. The next race is 14-27 April 2018.


2015 Badwater Special winner Hiroto Shrestha on the trail at Konchok Ling

“[Mustang’s] monasteries, caves, and towns amazed us with their beauty that is only rivalled by the surrounding terrain. ” – Bryon irunfar.comlogoPowell


April race winner Mira Rai descending on Stage 4.

The Mustang Trail race is a multistage trail running challenge through the wild, spiritually rich landscapes of Upper Mustang in Nepal. It is race of eight stages of around 15 to 30km totaling just under 200 km at altitudes between 2,900-4,300m (9,500-14,100ft) with 8200m (27,000ft) of elevation change. These distances are harder than they seem at these altitudes.

Lizzy Hawker puts it on the 2014 National Geographic Ultimate Adventure Bucket List.

“Well what can I say but simply another mind blowing tough adventure in the majestic Mustang region of Nepal…” – Holly Rush, UK writing in Runner’s Life.

“…for those who see running and holidays as a natural combination, then Nepal truly is an unbeatable destination.” – Alfie Pearce-Higgins writing in The Guardian, UK.


Featured on The Guadian Running Blog

The Mustang Trail Race has left an indelible mark on me. Everything good about trail running: cultural exploration, adventure, challenging oneself, and the camaraderie that comes from multi-day races, was present in huge quantities.” – Matt Moroz, UK

Watch a 3 minute video from the first Mustang Trail Race in 2013:

This race is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will experience adventure in an ecosystem unlike anywhere else on the planet — through high red desert, dramatic canyons, villages of twelve households, with Annapurna and Dhaulagiri looming in the background. You will be challenged by the running and the altitude and nurtured by the views and the wonderful people with whom you’re experiencing these timeless communities. An absolute must do.” – Kathryn Sall, USA

See Mustang trail running images in the gallery:


And there is a winter gallery here too.

Trail Runners leaving Luri Gompa, upper mustang, Nepal

Racers leaving the strange landscape around Luri Gompa. Lizzy Hawker right. Ryoichi Sato left.

For centuries this has been the safest trading route between Nepal and Tibet. The well worn trails make the yaks smile, and are thus perfect for trail runners too. Trails undulate over successions of dry hills between oasis-like villages. Scroll way down the page to see the background images.

Mustang with its fairytale landscape is one of the few places in the world to retain an air of mystery. Only opened to tourism in 1992, it is an enclave of pure Tibetan Buddhist culture whose conserved monasteries, and caves alike, house priceless historical treasures.

Lizzy Hawker Mustang Nepal Trail running

Lizzy Hawker in the barley fields of Mustang

Ryoichi Sato Mustang nepal

Ryoichi Sato enjoying a magnificent view

2013.05.04-IMG_1027-RPB holly descending konchok ling

Holly Rush on the descent from Konchok Ling on stage 5.

Mustang Trail Race April 2014 Route KMZ file for Google Earth

Google Earth Mustang 2014 route

Written about also in Asia Trail Magazine “RUNNING IN THE KINGDOM OF MUSTANG” by Matt Moroz.


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Stage by Stage

Day 4, Tue, Apr 18th
Stage 1: Kagbeni to Tsaile
15km↑538m ↓316m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 5, Wed, Apr 19th
Stage 2: Tsaile to Ghemi
27.5km↑2202m ↓1694m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 6, Thu, Apr 20th
Stage 3: Ghemi to Lo Manthang
21km↑1097m ↓849m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 7, Fri, Apr 21st
Lo Manthang – rest & acclimatisation
↑0m ↓0m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 8, Sat, Apr 22nd
Stage 4: Lo Manthang to Konchok Ling
29.1km↑1063m ↓1063m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 9, Sun, Apr 23rd
Stage 5: Lo Manthang to Yara
16km↑650m ↓835m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 10, Mon, Apr 24th
Stage 6: Yara to Tanggye
18.3km↑782m ↓-1312m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 11, Tue, Apr 25th
Stage 7: Tanggye to Chuksang
23.9km↑1168m ↓1523m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 12, Wed, Apr 26th
Stage 8: Chuksang to Jomsom via Muktinath
15.1km↑1184m ↓484m
↑0ft ↓0ft