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Stage 6: Yara to Tanggye | 18.3km

Stage summary

Stage 6
Distance 18.3 km (11.4 mi)
Elevation gain/loss ↑ 782m ↓ -1312m (↑ 2,566ft ↓ -4,304ft)
Highpoint 3908m (12,822ft)
Biggest climb 514m (1,686ft)
Start Finish elevation 3608m→3240m (11,837ft→10,630ft)
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Race > Yara (3530m) – Luri (3850m) – Dhe (3900m) – Tanggye (3240m).

We start the day by walking uphill to Ghara (3800m), where we will make a tea break and continue to the extraordinary cave-complex of Luri Gompa. Luri houses an exquisitely painted stupa and some rare 13th century Pala style images of unorthodox Buddhist masters.

We start the race at the foot of the cave and head down the same route down to Yara and then across the southerly plateau towards our first river-crossing in Mustang – on Damodar Khola known for the abundance of ‘Shaligrams’, the ammonite-fossils –  good luck hunting for them while keeping up your time! Then the trail goes uphill to a ridge and descends to another plateau and on to Tanggye. Night in lodge + local house + possible tent.

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Stage 6 - Luri - Tanggye - 19.2 km

Stage by Stage

Day 4, Tue, Apr 18th
Stage 1: Kagbeni to Tsaile
15 km
11.4 m
↑538m ↓316m
↑1,765ft ↓1,037ft
Day 5, Wed, Apr 19th
Stage 2: Tsaile to Ghemi
27.5 km
11.4 m
↑2202m ↓1694m
↑7,224ft ↓5,558ft
Day 6, Thu, Apr 20th
Stage 3: Ghemi to Lo Manthang
21 km
11.4 m
↑1097m ↓849m
↑3,599ft ↓2,785ft
Day 7, Fri, Apr 21st
 Lo Manthang – rest & acclimatisation

11.4 m
↑0m ↓0m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 8, Sat, Apr 22nd
Stage 4: Lo Manthang to Konchok Ling
29.1 km
11.4 m
↑1063m ↓1063m
↑3,488ft ↓3,488ft
Day 9, Sun, Apr 23rd
Stage 5: Lo Manthang to Yara
16 km
11.4 m
↑650m ↓835m
↑2,133ft ↓2,740ft
Day 10, Mon, Apr 24th
Stage 6: Yara to Tanggye
18.3 km
11.4 m
↑782m ↓-1312m
↑2,566ft ↓-4,304ft
Day 11, Tue, Apr 25th
Stage 7: Tanggye to Chuksang
23.9 km
11.4 m
↑1168m ↓1523m
↑3,832ft ↓4,997ft
Day 12, Wed, Apr 26th
Stage 8: Chuksang to Jomsom via Muktinath
15.1 km
11.4 m
↑1184m ↓484m
↑3,885ft ↓1,588ft
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