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Stage 7: Tanggye to Chuksang | 23.9km

Stage summary

Stage 7
Distance 23.9 km (14.9 mi)
Elevation gain/loss ↑ 1168m ↓ 1523m (↑ 3,832ft ↓ 4,997ft)
Highpoint 4208m (13,806ft)
Biggest climb 821m (2,694ft)
Start Finish elevation 3240m→2900m (10,630ft→9,514ft)

Race: Tanggye (3240 m) → Chuksang.

A long day beginning with crossing of Tanggye Khola and then long steady climb to Paha and then follows a fantastic trail along an exposed ridge top. On this day some of the oddly eroded mountainsides look straight out of Gaudí’s imagination. Worth taking time to peer over the south-east edge of the ridge’s latter sections.

Dhaulagiri (‘white mountain’) and Nilgiri (‘blue mountain’) dominate the horizon as seen below.

mustang-trail-race-kathryn sall danda

At the end of long ridge-top running, there is a dramatic 800m drop toward the oases of Chuksang and Tetang. Overnight in tea-house.

Descent towards Chuksang

Descent towards Chuksang

Stage 7 - Tanggye to Chuksang - 27.42km

Stage by Stage

Day 4, Tue, Apr 18th
Stage 1: Kagbeni to Tsaile
15 km
14.9 m
↑538m ↓316m
↑1,765ft ↓1,037ft
Day 5, Wed, Apr 19th
Stage 2: Tsaile to Ghemi
27.5 km
14.9 m
↑2202m ↓1694m
↑7,224ft ↓5,558ft
Day 6, Thu, Apr 20th
Stage 3: Ghemi to Lo Manthang
21 km
14.9 m
↑1097m ↓849m
↑3,599ft ↓2,785ft
Day 7, Fri, Apr 21st
 Lo Manthang – rest & acclimatisation

14.9 m
↑0m ↓0m
↑0ft ↓0ft
Day 8, Sat, Apr 22nd
Stage 4: Lo Manthang to Konchok Ling
29.1 km
14.9 m
↑1063m ↓1063m
↑3,488ft ↓3,488ft
Day 9, Sun, Apr 23rd
Stage 5: Lo Manthang to Yara
16 km
14.9 m
↑650m ↓835m
↑2,133ft ↓2,740ft
Day 10, Mon, Apr 24th
Stage 6: Yara to Tanggye
18.3 km
14.9 m
↑782m ↓-1312m
↑2,566ft ↓-4,304ft
Day 11, Tue, Apr 25th
Stage 7: Tanggye to Chuksang
23.9 km
14.9 m
↑1168m ↓1523m
↑3,832ft ↓4,997ft
Day 12, Wed, Apr 26th
Stage 8: Chuksang to Jomsom via Muktinath
15.1 km
14.9 m
↑1184m ↓484m
↑3,885ft ↓1,588ft
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