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Horse riding in Mustang, Nepal for race supporters

Your friend of partner is coming to the Mustang Trail Race but you don’t want to run?

Can you sit on a horse?

There is no 100% comfortable way to travel around in Mustang. Walking is best. Almost every stage can be covered by a walker in reasonable time, especially if taking the shortest routes. There are two longer stages (2, 7), which can be made easier with the help of a horse.

Otherwise jeeps are dusty, bumpy, limited to certain roads and certain private jeep entrepreneurs. We use a tractor to move our luggage, and this is a possibility, but hard work on very rough roads.

So for supporters, the best option is a mixture of walking and horse, using jeeps where available. Contact us to discuss!

horse riding keith kostman mustang nepal

A participant recovering for a stage on a horse

“I had the opportunity to ride a horse during a good portion of the Mustang trail race. It was a rather unique way for me to experience Mustang in a kind of historical way. The horses were calm, capable and strong and negotiated the trails with ease. With the addition of a horse man I always felt like I was in good hands along the route. I enjoyed it immensely…” – Keith Kostman, USA

horses in mustang, Nepal

Horses in Mustang, Nepal, eating dinner.